Friday, September 17, 2021

Long time no see....

Hey!! Long time no never call, you never write. You treat this place like a damn hotel...

Interesting how life has it's twists and turns.

Well we finished all the work off on the Cowes place on the Isle of Wight which was awesome, really it was nice to finally get it done and dusted.

Only one problem, what next? Now that we're fully vaccinated we should be ready to fly to Bali and hang out for a few months right? WRONG. Big wrong in fact. You might have some freedom locally but for the most part the world is still a no-go zone. Indonesia is closed for business, so are most places we'd want to visit.

So when you sit down and think about it retirement kinda blows in these circumstances. Well in our opinion anyways. All the freedom in the world but still feeling like you live in a damn open prison only thing missing is the ankle bracelet. 

When I retired early the whole master plan was to travel while we were still young enough to do it. If you can't travel when travel was your main aim what really is the point though? I mean I really love working on houses but once that job is done it begs the we pondered earlier...what next? I also love running, cycling, day-to-day retired life with Mrs DD4L but I liked the travel part a heck of a lot at this stage of life, that was the advantage of not working. See places anytime through the year while the world was working.

So we decided to live out one of our earlier blog posts it let's head back to Savannah!

I interviewed over Webex back on the Isle of Wight, got my old job back in aerospace and here we are. 

Living that exact blog post from earlier. Irony is not lost on us.

So how's that working out for us? Well only 2 months in but actually not too bad so far to be fair. I'm actually working with my old lead who, about 2 years after I retired kinda laid himself off, scooted off to the Philippines where he surfed for a year or two as an early retiree. Ironically (again) he cut his retirement short to come back to the exact same office as me since the world was locked down and he figured what the heck? May as well work for a bit until the pandemic blows over..

When we compared stories I had no idea how similar our paths actually were, in fact his mantra is actually "the moment it all opens up again I'm getting the fk outta here and sailing the South Pacific" he knows he belongs retired just came back to replenish the funds while world travel is strictly limited. 


Do I like working again? Well this time I'm pure production aircraft support with zero politics working for someone who leaves us all alone 99% of the time so for now not so terrible. Also only working a 4 day week helps a lot, thursday evening I'm outta there and the weekend begins.

Did we feel good kicking out our long term tenant who funded part of our lives for the past 5 years? Nope. Like complete assholes truth be told.

Did we enjoy buying cars again in order to drive to work? Nope. But this is Coastal Georgia so nobody's catching public transport or riding the Schwinn here ("hehehe, he thinks it's a Schwinn" - Brad Pitt Burn After Reading) Not unless certain death under the wheels of a lifted Tundra is the plan.

So yeah I set us a 15k budget each and bought a 2015 Honda Fit for work and a 2016 Mazda CX-3 for Mrs DD4L to get around without relying on me. Cars are extortionate here so negotiation is critical, to be honest I feel like we were lucky to get what we got for the money.

Housing-wise we're now back in our old Savannah rental making it homely again. Mortgage-free with the steady wage coming in. The figures on this place are about in line with the previous blog post written on the same subject.

For how long will we be here? No idea. The current contract is 4 years duration assuming the world doesn't fall apart again and cut us short. In that instance I suspect we're back to Cowes and the old place again but at least this time around we know what our alternative option is, unlike last time when Covid first hit.

Weird as it sounds too I actually feel like I'm on vacation again for the most part, at least for 3 days of each week. We hang by the pool to get out of the oppressive Savannah heat or work on the house, go out with friends in Savannah. Life isn't terrible to be fair.

I fully expect to miss my freedom as always but the problem will always come back to how free are we all right now anyways? To me it feels like not very, don't know about your situation?

If I'm not free I may as well be back working on improving the quality of my FIRE situation, build up more funds and have more passive income for when all this eventually blows over. However long in the future that turns out to be.

That's still the big unknown, Covid is rife here in Savannah at the moment and showing no signs of abating, this could still take years to be honest. 

So in the meantime just keep plugging away and see how it goes. 

Hope you're all keeping well...

Love to all,