Sunday, January 3, 2021

The more things stay the same...the more they change..

Interesting times looking ahead a couple of weeks..

No sooner had 2021 clicked over when we received a message from DD4L Jr, asking if he can come down to try his luck living on this little island with us.

Like most young folks out there Covid has seen Jr recently turfed out of the world of employment. In a similar way to what we found out ourselves many years ago he understands the best option is to be 100% geographically flexible as well as cutting overheads down to the bone.

His best option of the both of these is to leave the North-West UK where jobs are scarce and job seekers plenty and give here a go. Bad times so needs must.

Rather than viewing this boomerang scenario with the usual retiree groan we're more looking at it as helping both him and his girlfriend when they both need it most. Free roof over their heads and food in their bellies while it all sorts itself out and vaccines get slowly administered, hopefully they can also keep their savings intact in the interim.

To his girlfriends' credit she's already got a few options lined up in her nursing home profession sector which is pretty cool to be honest. Fingers crossed she can get something squared away.

Are we ready to have our newly remodeled, peaceful little FIRE world disrupted though?

Yeah screw it we'll be fine. Actually looking forward to reconnecting with them to be honest, seeing your offspring once a year is nowhere near enough. Much prefer him be with us and hopefully then become more local when normal life resumes.

So that's the first big change of only 3 days in..

The aim of this post is an attempt to try to counter a little of the mountain of negativity that has been lumped onto this year. Everywhere I keep hearing how terrible the year has been for everyone, praying for 2021 to be better.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be an insensitive jerk. The ever increasing death rate from Covid for both pre-existing as well as non pre-existing is still ridiculous and can never be treated lightly but we cannot continue on this path of negativity, even in the face of adversity it's ok to look on the bright side. For the average person on the street to be asked to wear a mask to protect both yourself and the vulnerable is not too much to ask. It just isn't, especially since many vaccines are imminent. 

The negativity would seem to originate from our society not liking being told what to do, taking one for the team is seemingly out of the question. It just comes across more than a little spoiled and entitled. Imagine any of our grandparents acting so spoiled when asked to ration food during any of the world wars? 

Are the UK tier systems, lockdowns and Covid countermeasures ideal? Not at all but it's just a very brief moment in time that we needed to adapt to until the vaccine comes along. Again, it's not a drama and can even be viewed as 2020 giving us a lesson in humility that we can carry forward.

In another 2020 positive at the very end of the year Brexit finally happened and the UK broke away from the EU with all the opportunities this now presents.

Something that can get missed in all this is that the UK has never been anti-European it's just anti-EU which is a completely different issue. The EU has evolved from being a good idea to a bureaucratic all-powerful monster that has grown too large and corrupted whereas Europeans themselves are awesome multicultural people, like I say two completely different things.

From here the UK can now hopefully grow unimpeded in the way it should have done for the last few decades and strengthen trade links with the many countries of the rest of the world. I am looking forward to seeing all this unfold as we go along. 

See what I mean? Positive things happening and still in the dreaded 2020...

The point I'm trying to make is that when major upheavals come up, which they always will, it's a matter of deciding how you respond to them and the lessons you take away. Do you take the changes in your stride or allow them to get you down?

Covid has re-iterated to me how short life is and how it can taken from you in the blink of an eye so go ahead and enjoy every minute. Nothing's changed there.

Here are a few pics from our 2020 post-FIRE life that we've loved...not ashamed to say it's been an awesome year! 

Freshwater bay

The Needles


Yaverland Beach


Hanging out with the Guernsey calves at Briddlesford Farm...lots of arm licking involved (from the calf not me obviously)

So happy 2021 from DD4L and hope yours is every bit as good as we found 2020 to be.

Per Monty Python's Life of Brian closing scene:- "Always look on the bright side of life...."

Love to all,



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